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Carpet Industry

Please Click here to learn more about our signature complete quick release pull down yarn gage clamping system. For more detailed information please call or email us.

Our Carpet Specialties:

Special Machinery, Designed & Manufacured

Tufting Cam Lift Jack

Warper Beam Yarn Clamps

Tufting / Warper & Coater Repair Parts

Warper Quick Change Guide Bars

Blade Blocks
Needle Bars
Guides & Loopers

Quick Release Pull Down Tufting Guides

Warper Machine Easy Lift Garuding

Tufting & Warper Adjustable Yarn Guides

Specialty Grinding, Painting and Coating

Warper Arms & Components
Repaired or Replaced

CNC 4 Axis
Machining & Turning

Yarn Guides with Ceramic Coatings

Sheet Metal

Push Pull Conveyor Buggies

Proven in the carpet industry, with our complete system we can insure that from Warping to Tufting your yarn will remain on gage with fewer break outs, faster set-up times, and less yarn waste.

Each system is custom-tailored to fit the needs of your specific machine.  Our talented engineering staff will work closely with you to insure you get the system that is right for your machine.

On request, we can provide installation & training with your order.  Give us a call today to discuss this system or any of the many items we offer for the carpet and manufacturing industry.



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